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Essex schools lead energy saving charge

Hydromx scores top marks for cutting schools’ energy usage

A ground-breaking pilot project has returned energy savings of up to 47% for a group of schools in Essex, paving the way for the cutting-edge technology to be installed in up to 30 more education establishments.

Five Diocese of Chelmsford schools were the first in the country to have ultra efficient Hydromx heat transfer solution installed into their heating systems. As early indicators of savings were received, the diocese gave the green light for installation into three more schools and now the organisation is looking to roll-out the approach to all its voluntary aided schools as part of its drive to achieve net zero. 

“The school is hotter, it’s the entire school. It’s such a great product. Everybody I have spoken to can’t quite believe how good it is. My office never really got warm and was always on ‘five’ on the TRV. Now I have it on one.”

– a Chelmsford Diocese school headmaster


Three of the five schools involved in the initial pilot project recorded before and after energy usage, revealing gas consumption savings of between 37.5% to 47% from November 2022 to January 2023 compared to the previous year (with a Heating Degree Day calculation applied). Carbon emissions have been reduced by around seven tonnes per site per year.

All schools have TRVs fitted to ensure optimum savings and, coupled with the Hydromx installation, there has been a significant focus on energy saving within each, leading to these outstanding results.

Hydromx was installed in this primary school (nursery building pictured) in the London Borough of Redbridge.

School report

Its installation into one of the Essex pilot project schools – St Peter’s Church of England Primary School in South Weald – astounded the headmaster. He said: “The school is hotter, it’s the entire school. It’s such a great product. Everybody I have spoken to can’t quite believe how good it is. My office never really got warm and was always on ‘five’ on the TRV. Now I have it on one.”

Like many schools, St Peter’s presented the challenge of a building added to over the years, with some parts dating back to 1957. It had a diverse range of radiators and fittings and some TRVs in newer parts of the premises but not throughout. Because the school is linear – around 100m long – its extremities had proved difficult to heat. Hydromx solved this and, with TRVs now fitted throughout the building, staff have complete control of comfort levels. Boiler sequencing and timing has been adjusted to take into account the increased efficiency of the system.

Peter Palmer, School Buildings and Organisation Officer for the Chelmsford Diocese, explained: “Specifying Hydromx into our school estate is a key component of the Diocese’s Net Zero objective. The pilot project has delivered significant savings in energy consumption, cost and carbon emissions and we now intend to roll out Hydromx across the remainder of our voluntary aided schools, providing them with energy efficient and highly effective heating systems which also deliver meaningful cost and carbon emission reductions.”

About Hydromx

Hydromx utilises nano-particles to speed up heat transfer from boilers into radiator systems, reducing the amount of energy required for rooms to reach the required temperature. Because boiler cycling and HVAC plant run-time is reduced, equipment lifespan is increased and maintenance requirements lessened, all adding to costs savings. Furthermore, we’ve had instances where installing Hydromx delivered the potential to increase heating/cooling capacity of existing plant sufficiently to avoid capital investment in new plant to cope with increased demand.

Hydromx is suitable for most commercial and domestic hydronic HVAC systems using water as a primary heat transfer fluid. It is a non-invasive, easy-to-install energy and carbon saving solution which works by improving heat transfer. It provides complete system protection against corrosion, calcification and bacteria and includes anti-freeze. Hydromx is inert, recyclable and guaranteed for 20 years. Depending upon the application and system characteristics, it will normally deliver energy, carbon and cost savings of between 20-35%.

Installation involves draining the system, flushing and re-filling with 50% water and 50% Hydromx. No major plant or system changes are required. The technology is backed by sound scientific principles and evidence supported by worldwide installations that have, in some cases, returned almost 50% energy savings.

If you’d like to discuss installing Hydromx into your building get in touch