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Why Hydromx isn’t everywhere

We had an interesting conversation with a new client recently.

After discussing the energy and carbon savings that Hydromx could deliver for their commercial organisation they made the decision to move forward with the proposal. But in doing so they asked why Hydromx isn’t installed everywhere given it can deliver 20-35%+ energy and carbon savings (with some ROIs under two years).

It’s a great question.

The simple answer is that people are reticent to talk to us, perhaps because they don’t believe the claims or are wearied from conversations with other organisations offering to reduce their energy bills. We get that. 

We also appreciate that most commercial organisations are inundated with offers to reduce energy bills. And we’re just another company offering another solution. We get that too. And Hydromx is relatively new to the UK (but not a new product), so another barrier. 

But what if Hydromx does deliver on the claims (it does, by the way, as one school saving 40%+ will attest).

Even better, installation is fairly straightforward (drain the boiler system and refill with a water/Hydromx mix). We’re not sure there is an easier, more straightforward way to make really worthwhile savings, whether that be energy, carbon or budget. 

Isn’t that worth a conversation? 

About Hydromx

Hydromx utilises nano-particles to speed up heat transfer from boilers into radiator systems, reducing the amount of energy required for rooms to reach the required temperature. Because boiler cycling and HVAC plant run-time is reduced, equipment lifespan is increased and maintenance requirements lessened, all adding to costs savings. Furthermore, we’ve had instances where installing Hydromx delivered the potential to increase heating/cooling capacity of existing plant sufficiently to avoid capital investment in new plant to cope with increased demand.

Hydromx is suitable for most commercial and domestic hydronic HVAC systems using water as a primary heat transfer fluid. It is a non-invasive, easy-to-install energy and carbon saving solution which works by improving heat transfer. It provides complete system protection against corrosion, calcification and bacteria and includes anti-freeze. Hydromx is inert, recyclable and guaranteed for 20 years. Depending upon the application and system characteristics, it will normally deliver energy, carbon and cost savings of between 20-35%.

Installation involves draining the system, flushing and re-filling with 50% water and 50% Hydromx. No major plant or system changes are required. The technology is backed by sound scientific principles and evidence supported by worldwide installations that have, in some cases, returned almost 50% energy savings.

If you’d like to discuss installing Hydromx into your building get in touch