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The addition of Hydromx to water-based heating and cooling systems delivers three key benefits:
✅ Energy savings of up to 35%

✅ Reduced carbon emissions

✅  Lower fuel bills

The basic premis of Hydromx is that it enables HVAC systems to work more efficiently and therefore more quickly. This means:

✅ HVAC plant run-time is lessened, increasing lifespan and reducing wear/tear and maintenance requirements

✅ Hydromx can be a cost-effective and efficient solution to increasing heating/cooling plant capacity

✅ Hydromx is compatible with most HVAC systems, no major plant or system changes are required

Hydromx is straight-forward to install and includes full system protection:

✅ Hydromx replaces water and inhibitor in HVAC systems

✅ It is mixed 50/50 with water

✅  It protects against calcification, corrosion, freezing temperatures, bacteria and algae growth (no need for inhibitor)

Energy savings

Typical energy savings of up to 35%

Carbon savings

Typical CO2 reduction of up to 29%

Cost savings

Reduce energy cost, plant wear & tear and maintenance costs

Corrosion protection

Corrosion is a common problem that can cause the premature failure of zone valves, tanks and ball check valves. Corrosion prevention agents are added to systems but can lower the thermal conductivity of the water-based solution.

✔️ Hydromx is an alternative system additive which offers complete corrosion protection with increased thermal conductivity.

Scaling protection

‘Hard water’ high in mineral content may cause the build-up or scaling of mineral deposits in hydronic heating/cooling systems. In systems that use other types of heat transfer fluids (such as glycol and anti-freeze), scaling can occur on the surface of the heat exchanger.

✔️ Hydromx protects against scaling without decreasing system efficiency.

Freezing & burst protection

Glycol is the most common anti-freeze agent to protect systems against freezing temperatures. But it also reduces the thermal conductivity of fluid within the system.

✔️ Hydromx protects against freezing (-36°C) and increases thermal carrying capability.

Bacteria protection

Hydromx protects systems from the occurrence of pseudomonas and legionella bacteria.

✔️ Due to its unique formula, Hydromx works to eliminate these dangerous bacteria without diminishing the system’s efficiency.

Tested & Certified

Safe to use

Hydromx® has been tested throughout the world and awarded many industry standard-setting certificates.

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