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Hydromx is an established and proven energy saving solution used around the world.

It is suitable for most buildings utilising a water-based (including glycol mixes) HVAC system.

One of its most high-profile installations to date is in New York’s Empire State Building, where it’s installed in chillers and heat recovery coils. 

Timothy Dailey, Director Of Engineering ESRT (Empire State Realty Trust) said: “We have used Hydromx in our 180-ton and two 60-ton airstack chillers as primary cooling fluid with great success. We have since installed Hydromx in all heating systems as well as DOAS heat recovery coils…great success across the board.”

Another installation in New York, this time in data centre computer room air conditioning (CRAC) units for the HBO TV network, delivered 90% more free-cooling hours, a 46% reduction in compressor run-time and 65,000 fewer kilowatt hours annually. 

So, while we may talk about headline energy savings of up to 35%, Hydromx’s appeal differs across our client base. The common ground is savings – in energy costs, energy usage, carbon emissions, equipment run-time and plant maintenance.

We’ve also found that, because Hydromx improves system efficiency, there are situations where it’s a cost-effective alternative to installing additional heating or cooling plant and equipment.

Hydromx installation involves draining and flushing the system and re-filling with 50% water and 50% Hydromx.

In new-build applications estimating the system capacity is relatively straight forward.

It’s a little more challenging for retro-fit, especially in older buildings that have been modified/extended/changed use through the years.

However, with our experience we can guide clients through this process and also advise on recommended system upgrades (ie TRVs) to ensure maximum efficiency is achieved.

The Empire State Building in New York: fitted with Hydromx.