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HBO data centre

Project Name: HBO Broadcasting Center
Location: Hauppauge, New York
Type: Commercial Office & Data Center

Outcome: 35% energy savings, 65,000 kWh savings, +90% free-cooling hours

This field study compared two mission-critical data rooms at HBO’s office and data center in Hauppauge, New York. HBO engineers installed Hydromx in one of two 20-ton Libert units for the trial. The Server#3 room was cooled using Hydromx and the other room, MPEG#4, was cooled using a 40/60 blend of glycol and water. The load difference between the rooms was 47.5%, with Server#3 having the larger load.

HBO experienced 35% energy savings resulting from the installation of Hydromx. A third-party monitor confirmed an annual saving of 65,000 kWh. Hydromx reduced compressor run-time hours by an average of 46%, increasing the equipment’s lifespan. The CRAC units experienced 90% more free-cooling hours. HBO estimates the return on investment for the Hydromx installation at 12 months.